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Creating A Smart Kitchen in 2021

Creating A Smart Kitchen

Kitchen items are becoming smarter with each passing day, thanks to the advent of new technologies. Now, you can use your smartphone to control ovens, coffee makers, as well as other kitchen accessories. Not too far from now, one might be able to prepare a perfect dish with the help of a smart kitchen. Let’s take you through what is already existing today.

Smart refrigerators

Perhaps, you have arrived at the grocery store without proper knowledge of what you have inside your fridge. If you are using a smart fridge, all you need to do is turn on your smartphone and catch a glimpse of what your fridge contains. Smart fridges can even provide you with additional information like the expiry dates fridge content. Different brands are now into the sales of smart fridges, so it’s important that before you make any purchase, you should compare their features.

One good example of a smart refrigerator is the Samsung Family Hub. It comes with:

  • Three cooling systems for maintaining the right temperature and humidity levels.
  • A built-in camera that enables you to view the fridge’s items with a smartphone.
  • A sound production system that lets you enjoy music and TV through the door.
  • Voice control lets you check recipes, include items on a shopping list, enjoy music and other activities.
  • The food reminder feature notifies you of possible expiry dates. This feature helps you to reduce food wastage.
  • It is known as “Family Hub” since you can easily share content with loved ones and even have photos uploaded.

There are many other smart fridge products besides Samsung Family Hub. Brands like LG also have theirs. Generally, with between $4500 and $5500, you can get one. Some are more expensive, though. The Liebherr 688L cost about $9500. Get a smart fridge if you are truly planning to set up a smart kitchen.


Smart ovens

You can also take advantage of the different smart ovens in the market. With these, you can cook your food with the help of a mobile app.

Sous Vide is a cooking device, which lets you wrap food inside a vacuum sealer before boiling the food in water. No moisture escapes from the system because of the vacuum sealer, and the water temperature is controlled. It gives you the advantage of cooking your meal perfectly. Sous Vide ovens come in various price ranges between $550 and $1400; it all depends on the size you are buying. If you are considering a smart kitchen, this oven makes a good pick.

Another remarkable smart kitchen oven is June Intelligent Oven. It comes with a built-in camera that allows you to monitor the food you are cooking. This smart oven does not require you to set time or temperature when cooking. It takes care of everything. With the help of a mobile app, you can keep tabs on how the cooking is going. This smart kitchen countertop oven cost about $1500.

Converting a normal oven to a smart kitchen oven may not require so much after all. With Weber Thermometer, you can easily make a regular oven smart. You have to connect the Bluetooth thermometer to the oven, allowing it to monitor the temperature of the food you are cooking. Connect your smartphone to Bluetooth and observe the temperature on your phone. With less than $40, you can buy this smart kitchen accessory.

Sous Vide Wi-Fi & Bluetooth connected Avona cooker is another inexpensive device that provides you with a smart cooking pot. You can connect this device to any pot, and you don’t have to look at the pot to know the meal’s progress. The temperature can be remotely adjusted, and it goes for about $110.


Smart coffee machines

You can also get yourself a smart coffee machine. With water and coffee already in the machine, you can apply the smartphone’s app to make coffee whenever you wish. You can remotely activate it from your bed in the morning or do so when you are on your way back from work.

For smart coffee makers, Behmor coffee brewer happens to be a brilliant pick. It’s Wi-Fi-connected and lets you manage the water temperature. You cannot determine when your coffee can be made with this device. It is sold for about $300.

Behmor coffee brewer is a smart kitchen accessory. It doesn’t cost as much as the other smart coffee machines. The Illy Y5 coffee machine costs almost the same price as the Behmor coffee brewer. The only thing is that it is designed for Illy coffee. Philips Saeco turns out to be the most costly, going for about $3000.


Other smart kitchen gadgets

Internet of Things (IoT) has enhanced the availability of smart kitchen accessories. Some of these smart items are:

  • Smart cooktops with touchscreen features and a huge display area for locating recipes easily.
  • Smart smoke alarm detector. If they sound the alarm mistakenly, you can wave your arm to turn it off.
  • Smart dryers and washers can be managed with a smartphone app.
  • With Belkin Wemo, you can make any appliance smart. It can be used with a Wi-Fi-connected app to convert lights, kitchen appliances and televisions into smart items. You can get it for around $100.
  • Smart home brewing systems like the PicoBrew Craft Brewing system are also available. You can get it for between $360 and $800. It is cheaper on Amazon. With a button push, your delicious craft beer will be at your fingertips.


Turning a kitchen into a smart kitchen is so simple because smart gadgets for the kitchen are common. While the Belkin WeMo switch or Weber smart thermometer sounds like a good idea, you can explore many other options out there. If you like your coffee without having it brewed, the Illy Y5 or Behmor coffee makers will make a lot of sense for you.

Why purchase smart kitchen items?

IoT lets you buy smart kitchen items that are expensive or inexpensive and can help you live a more comfortable life.

Other smart items may be more expensive, but they can give you the comfort you won’t get from regular cooking items. A wine cooler may look unnecessary to you now, but you can save yourself some money when you have a smart refrigerator with Wi-Fi features. You can do much more than just keeping your food items cool in such fridges. You can get a good deal of entertainment and share content with your loved ones via a smart fridge. From the grocery shop, you can view a smart fridge via your smartphone and decide what needs to be bought. No more food wastage because it notifies you of possible expiry dates.

A smart kitchen appliance can be expensive or inexpensive. You can purchase the one you need the most and buy others when you are more comfortable. You can stick with the less expensive items if your budget is limited. But if you have a sizeable budget and desires a wine cooler, the Liebherr 688L fridge goes for about $9500. With this, a separate space for wine storage won’t be necessary. Explore other wine storage options to know how much they cost. Wine storage fridge costs range from $2500 to $4200, whereas wine cellars costs range from $15000 to $20000. If you intend to have a couple of bottles stored, the Liebherr fridge will be good enough.

*The costs mentioned in this post only serve as a guide. The prices vary locally and are influenced by market forces.

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