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Patio Designs Suitable For Your Home

Patio Designs Suitable For Your Garden and Home

A paved area outside your home that has a solid floor but no roofing, which is generally used in fine weather (winter, autumn, or spring) for dining, relaxing, enjoying the calm sunlight, feeling the gentle drizzling rain, or recreation is called a patio. It’s quite like a little paradise in your home. Common materials used in patio designs are concrete, bricks, stone, as well as cobbles and tiles. Patios are mostly decorated with outdoor furniture and plants.

If you live in Brisbane and South East Queensland, and you need a personalized patio design, we, at Acura Developments, pride ourselves in delivering superior patio designs suitable for your garden and home. Let’s explore some patio designs that may be appropriate for your home and garden.

Island Deck

An Island deck in the backyard is mostly built with composite decking using hidden fasteners. It is not only classified among the easiest patio designs that can be constructed but also visually dynamic and requires low-maintenance as it fits all yard settings.

Classic Pergola

Classic pergolas are outdoor gardens with features that form a shaded passage of vertical beams that support cross-bars wrapped in a vine. Classic pergola patio designs are built to provide your backyard space with a shade, so it’s great for protecting from direct sun rays while allowing the sunlight to filter through the space to create a cool environment for your family and you to relax and enjoy. A similar structure can also be adjoined to the home using shrubs and trees or any deciduous plant (plants that lose their leaves seasonally) growing over the patio and providing shade in the summer and allowing sunlight into your home during the winter.

Vertical Garden with Mobile Patio Planter

A vertical garden or living wall is among the recent trends used in home patio designs. It’s an array of plants mounted on the wall. A perfect way for bringing part of the outdoor in! Living walls add beauty to your home and improve the quality of air around your home. This is made possible by the plants. A vertical garden also provides you with privacy, shielding you from the sight of your neighbors.

Screened Porch

There are different types of porches. A screened porch is close to the outside of your home and it is covered with window screens to prevent mosquitoes, flies, and other creeping insects and animals from entering your home and depriving you of the beauty of your home’s outdoor.

Grill Gazebo

The BBQ gazebo is like your outdoor kitchen. It is traditionally designed and built to contain the dining table, patio furniture, and BBQ. It serves as a cool spot for you to cook food with the BBQ pit or grill. You and the guests will enjoy every conversation over the BBQ.

Gardeners’ Edge Deck

This is a standard deck decorated with different kinds of flowers and plants. Be assured of your ‘Eden’ with a gardener’s edge deck. Do you like to be a gardener? If yes, kudos! You now have more space for planting and improving your gardening experience. Your home is also beautified with this design.

Garden Pond Deck

If you like to keep a space in your garden that is decorated and can sustain wildlife like local birds, water creatures, and pollinating insects, then the garden pond deck is the patio design that is perfect for you. As a homeowner, you have the pleasure to watch these creatures at a close distance.

Patio Privacy Screen

This type of patio design provides you with a personal space that shields you away from your neighbor or passerby’s view. Patio privacy screens are usually walls, fences, or shrubs that offer the best solution to make your outdoor home a private area.

Go Premium Now!!

The various patio designs discussed in this article give you several options that couldn’t have crossed your mind. So, it’s time to go premium! At Acura Developments, we focus on your needs and personalize all patio designs to fit your requirements and taste. Our years of experience in patios, verandas, carports, and deck designs, and home extensions, have made us pride ourselves in providing you with superior patio designs that befits your home and commercial space. We guarantee the workmanship of our service team of professionals.

The key to achieving these patio designs is contacting the right building contractor that is keen and dedicated to offering your personalized patio designs and construction of the best quality. If you live in Brisbane and South East Queensland, contact us now for your fully customized patio designs. We work with you as a member of our team, communicating effectively with you from the start to the end of the project to create a unique, functional, and beautiful outdoor space for the comfort of you and your family.

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