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2021 Outdoor Kitchen Cost Guide

2021 Outdoor Kitchen Cost Guide

Outdoor kitchens mean more than you can imagine. And they are just as functional as their indoor counterpart. It can equally serve as an extension to your indoor kitchen when both kitchens are connected or linked with a single passage. This outdoor kitchen cost guide will tell you everything you need to know in this regard.

What’s an outdoor kitchen?

Can you guess an outdoor kitchen cost? It depends on the kitchen size and any inclusions it may have. It’s possible to get something within the range of $7,000 to $10,000. However, in other instances, they may cost as much as $50000 or even higher.

Some of the components that make up outdoor kitchens are:

  • A layout similar to your indoor kitchen’s
  • It has to be pleasing in terms of aesthetics
  • It should have appliances
  • Outdoor kitchens are meant to have walls and a cover to protect them from rain.
  • It’s expected to have one dining table at least. But, if your dining section has an outdoor exit, you could do the dining inside.

Whether you seek a fully functional outdoor kitchen it is up to you. Some people are okay with a simple outdoor kitchen, which includes dining and barbecue areas. Others won’t mind having a fridge, sink, working section, and maybe a cooktop and pizza oven in addition.

Outdoor kitchens are to be designed anyhow you deem fit. However, whatever you do, do not limit your outdoor kitchen to a barbecue area on one side of your house. Outdoor kitchens are meant to be functional, so they will likely require extra appliances. Electrical and plumbing services are some of the help you would need in setting up such a space. With the growing popularity of outdoor kitchens, most kitchen builders can now set them up.

2021 Outdoor Kitchen Cost Guide Acurs Developments

How much does an outdoor kitchen cost?

As established, the cost you’ll pay for your outdoor kitchen depends on the space, what you intend to include, as well as your budget.

Patio covering is another thing you would need. Maybe you have one already; if you do, that will be fewer expenses on your side. You also need a minimum of one wall to shield the kitchen from any unfavorable elements. That same wall can have a sort of opening for letting the smoke out, though not open enough to let rain in.

If you prefer an outdoor kitchen that is not expensive, the outdoor kitchen should directly connect to the kitchen indoors. You can use sliding doors, bifold doors, or windows as access. While you can spend more to get those items, they can also be a way of saving money because when you have them, you won’t need a fridge, sink, as well as other appliances.

What other components could be necessary for outdoor kitchens? They include:

  • A cabinet and sink can cost up to $600, excluding the plumber’s cost.
  • Built-in barbecue ranging from $1500 for one with 4 burners to $4400 for one with 6 burners.
  • With $1100, you can get a bar fridge
  • Pizza ovens cost anywhere from $1300 to $6500.
  • Appliances and lighting installation is equally important. The cost will depend on how much the electrician will collect and items’ cost.

Expect to pay between $160 and $550 to your plumber as the cost of installing a sink. That will comprise both water supply and drainage. The precise cost will be based on the distance the plumber will be laying the pipes. The plumber might need to visit your home to inspect the job, and a quote will be issued after that.

Electricians collect within the region of $70 to $95 for every hour, and to wire an appliance may cost from $450 to $800. These will definitely add up to the outdoor kitchen cost.

Heating for outdoor kitchens

Heating is a must-have if you don’t want your outdoor kitchen to be dormant within the winter period.

If you’re working with a more enclosed space, radiant heaters are best suited for such areas. They can cost between $650 and $800. You might be needing a couple of these due to your guests. But, if you are working with a place that isn’t enclosed, a fire pit or fireplace can conveniently serve the same purpose. Fire pits seem to be better regarding spaces that are not entirely enclosed since they do not give out as much smoke as a fireplace. A fireplace can be installed alongside a chimney for it to be very effective, but the services of a bricklayer might be needed for such installation. That should give you a better picture of what such an outdoor kitchen cost.

2021 Outdoor Kitchen Cost Guide Acurs Developments

Planning your budget for an outdoor kitchen

It would help if you were careful of your budget due to how outdoor kitchen cost varies between $7000 and $50000. If your budget is not big enough, you can connect your outdoor kitchen to the one inside. Bifold windows could be good enough for channeling stuffs via the kitchen, helping you reduce your expenditure to just a barbecue area and a barbecue. The bifold windows don’t cost much like their door counterpart. They help to open the outdoors up and lets you install a benchtop as an extension.


With $50000, your outdoor kitchen can be fitted with things like lighting, a sink, a barbecue, a fridge, and a pizza oven. That amount can cater for heating and any other item you may want.

You almost cannot do without an outdoor kitchen, given the amount of fun it can create for friends and families. If you have friends visiting, make sure you have enough spaces for them to sit on. Plus, if the visit will be within the winter period, you will also need to supply them with adequate heating to ensure they are comfortable. You can equally apply padded furniture to provide more comfort for your guests.

Write down all the items you would need in your outdoor kitchen. Then do a market survey to know how much they cost. Remember to include the cost of hiring a plumber and an electrician, which will also affect the outdoor kitchen cost. Know the exact cost of the appliances. Your guests will need comfortable seating, so that should be included as well. And if you seek your kitchen and dining to be opened all the way to the outdoors, installation of bifold doors and windows will be necessary.

If your list is more than the budget you have, you can scrap some things out. A simple-looking barbecue might serve your outdoor kitchen purpose. You can purchase a counter top from up to $7000. Including chairs and a table will still keep your expenses within your budget. Get more outdoor kitchen cost ideas from Acura Development’s contact us today.

The prices highlighted in this post should be seen as a guide. These prices tend to change because of market forces.

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