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6 Smart Ways to Add Value to Your Kitchen Renovation

6 Smart Ways to Add Value to Your Kitchen Renovation

A renovation expert knows where to save and where to spend money on your kitchen if you’re looking to increase your home value.

Today, the kitchen has become the heartbeat of every home, its where buyers tend to focus more on when they are looking at property that is for sale. If you are thinking of a befitting kitchen renovation, David Bishop of Acura Developments, a renowned professional discusses where to save and where to spend to enable you to maximize your ROI.

Investing some money and time into your kitchen renovation will help to enhance your home’s value, increasing the sale price when you want to sell it. Interestingly, you don’t need to carry out a complete kitchen renovation before you can reap the reward of your investment. If your kitchen’s condition is good, all what may be required could be some few, sharply focused upgrade that would increase its value and make it look updated.

The following upgrades will reward you in the best way possible.

Your Kitchen Renovation Acura Developments

Include an island

An island will offer you a new work surface and better ways to store your kitchen items.

The introduction of a kitchen island is equally a perfect way to recreate the kitchen into an open plan dining space.

Points to note:

  • Leave up to a metre on both sides of the island to create room for smooth traffic flow. However, if there isn’t enough space, 850 millimeters would suffice.
  • The size of your kitchen island should be determined by what it will be carrying, as well as your kitchen proportions. I advise you use the smallest width of about 1200 millimeters for kitchen islands, though if you have no intention of installing a stovetop or sink in it, 600 millimetres will be fine.
  • If you intend to have your display options boosted, include some open shelve to your kitchen island. Include drawers if your priority is storage.
  • Maximize your drawer space when you invest customized solutions. These could be designed to accommodate all items ranging from plates and cutlery to glassware.Take storage from floor to ceiling

Buyers are always looking for good storage. Hence, if you are doing a kitchen renovation, optimize storage by deploying cupboard installations that will occupy your wall’s full length, from the ceiling to the floor, and maximize the width also.

Point to note: open shelving would require styling and cleaning occasionally, so install in spots that you can easily reach. Closed cupboards are better off installed in high positions. Use them for storing items that you don’t use every time, like platters and storage boxes.

Upgrade your benchtop

This is among the first items buyers turn to whenever they are assessing a property to buy. So you want to have this item upgraded to something with great style and quality. I like to recommend hard-wearing laminate as one of my benchtop options, especially if you don’t have too much money to spare on this. It could be designed to look like timber and marble, while it doesn’t cost as much. If you feel like spending on a benchtop, upgrade to something that can last the test of time like quartz or granite.

Point to note:

  • Select a benchtop material with a neutral colour.
  • If you are going for laminate, then spend your money on materials that are hard and resistant to heat.
  • Benchtops are going to be subjected to lots of beating as you use them. Regardless of your choice of material, ensure that it is heat, water, and stain-resistant. It should also be easy to maintain.
Your Kitchen Renovation Acura Developments

Choose colour carefully

When undertaking your kitchen renovation, be careful of the colour palette of your finishes. Although you may prefer a bright red splashback with yellow tiles, ask yourself if that is what buyers will like. For ceilings, walls and floors, go with neutral colours that will not become outdated like beige, grey, and white.

Points to note: if you are concerned with colour, include it within your accessories like a funky barstools, an appealing pendant light, or coffee machine that is brightly coloured. You can easily have these changed if the buyer does not like them.

Invest in quality appliances

High-quality appliances will reward your kitchen with that instant facelift and increase its value. While your kitchen is still in your care, using the most recent appliances can make your cooking a lot easier.

Points to note: Preferably, buy all your appliances from one brand and same range to ensure a coordinated and stylish outlook.

Introduce a smart lighting scheme

Prospective buyers really love to take a good look at your lighting scheme. Good lighting lets you work smartly inside your kitchen and gives you the opportunity to change the mood. Great for kitchens within an open-plan space.

Points to note:

  • Ensure that the section of your kitchen where you chop and cook have sufficient lighting.
  • The lighting should be positioned in your front instead of solely behind or overhead, so you don’t work in your shadow
  • Install pendant lights and down lights on different circuits to simplify how you control the atmosphere and lighting levels.
  • If you choose to have a pendant light installed above a dining table, consider the position very well. When the light fixtures have been included, they may remain there for a long time.
And if you have a tight budget, you can focus on…

Upgrade hardware: equips your kitchen cabinet with a brand new look.

Reface cabinets: brand new cabinets are not cheap. If the ones you have are in good shape but a bit outdated, you can reface them instead of replacing them altogether. Degreasing, staining, and painting or sanding the cabinet make an outdated kitchen to appear sleek and updated. They are not as expensive as the new cabinets.

Reach for the paint brush: There is no easier and quicker way to have an outdated kitchen transformed than painting. It isn’t for walls only – there are specialist paint offers for tiles and appliances, benchtops, and a host of others.

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