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0437 430 375 Mon - Fri 09:00 - 5:00 Ferny Hills, Brisbane, Qld 4055
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House Extension Builders Brisbane

House Extension Builders Brisbane

What’s involved when extending your house?

A house extension is exactly that – the addition of more useable space to your existing dwelling. There are many things to consider when choosing how you would like to make the change and extend your home.  There are varying existing structure designs to work with as well as people’s individual tastes. Some of the options available through Acura Developments, house extension builders Brisbane, include:

  • Modifying your existing floor pan layout
  • The addition of a second storey
  • Rear or side expansion of single storey
  • Building a pergola or porch
  • Lifting your house and building in underneath
  • The addition of a granny-flat to your property

As home extensions can be among the trickier types of renovations, it is vital to enlist the services of a team, such as Acura Developments, who are experienced extension builders Brisbane. Architects and designers will also need to be part of the project.

The expert home extension builders Brisbane, Acura Developments, can assist with determining the best type of extension to suit your individual needs and budget. Don’t just choose an expensive builder who may offer you options that aren’t even suited to your needs or the style of home, just to make some money. Our knowledgeable extension builders Brisbane will offer you advice and guidance to ensure that you make the best use of your space and also your money.

Is extending the best option?

Is the existing space within your home just not enough?  Yes – That’s why you’re here! You are more than likely considering both options; moving house or making your existing home larger. It can definitely be a hard decision, particularly if you and your family are uncertain about leaving your current home and starting afresh. When looking at extending, the thing that causes the most apprehension is the concern that if you add an extra room or open up your home, it will be very expensive and may not provide a return if selling down the track.

On the other hand, if you look at purchasing a larger home, it will possibly mean moving to a whole new area, which can greatly disrupt your family life. When needing more space to accommodate your growing family, building a house extension with guidance from experienced home extension builders may prove to be a highly economical alternative to putting your existing home on the market.

At Acura Developments, our expert home extension builders Brisbane will make sure your house extension solves not only your space problem but will be value adding as well.


Single Storey Extensions

This extension type is possibly the most popular of home extension projects undertaken.  This will typically involve constructing a new living space attached to part of your existing home. Single storey extensions work the best if your property is on a larger block, as these extensions can easily be built onto the rear or side of your current structure.

Adding a Second Storey

Second storey additions will require a high skill level in your builders’, given that it will involve the removal of your current roof and then adding a new second storey building in its place. This option is popular with people whose homes are on smaller blocks, as available land area will remain the same.


Granny-flats are separate dwellings that are attached but can also be built detached from any existing home. They usually come all-inclusive their individual bedroom(s), bathroom, kitchenette, living room and laundry.

They can take up a lot of space, so granny-flat additions are highly contingent on your available land.

Granny-flats can be great as an option to house family, or even as a means to create passive income through renting out the space.

Build Under

A classic Queenslander is an example of a house on stumps. When your home has been built on stumps, there may be the possibility of adding another floor underneath. A few options exist when looking at build under extensions; this one being the simplest.

When your house sits on high stilts and is already at the correct height, building underneath is possible so long as plumbing is not affected and all your changes meet council regulations.

When your house is built on stumps, though not at the right height, a slightly different lift up, then build under approach may be your best option. This may not always be possible though, so you are best to consult one of our specialist extension builders Brisbane to determine if this solution is appropriate for your situation.

Want to know more? Talk with the expert team of home extension builders Brisbane here at Acura Developments today.

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Acura Developments pride ourselves on not only providing quality workmanship, but also being flexible and innovative when it comes to your next project.

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