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Garage Conversions Brisbane

Garage Conversions Brisbane

Converting your garage space is a great way to make your home more spacious. Garage conversions Brisbane is a fantastic of way of extending your home’s usable space so you can have more space to do some of the things you love. More people are opting for garage conversion because it is less expensive than doing a home extension. At Acura Developments, we specialize in all forms of garage conversion projects, from getting approval from council to designs, project management and completion. Our professionals know how to offer the best building and home renovation services to all our clients across Brisbane.

What are the different garage conversions?

Homeowners have different reasons for converting a carport or garage into a space that can be more useful in a home. Not all homes have the same needs. At Acura Developments we specialize in drawing up customized service plans for our various clients, according to their home requirements. We dedicate quality time to fully understanding what our clients want in terms of garage conversions Brisbane. A couple of the most popular garage conversion options are;

  • Games room
  • Extra bedroom
  • Music studio
  • Playroom
  • Lounge room or extra living space
  • Home cinema or media room
  • Home gym
  • Increasing how attached rooms look
  • Home office
  • Including custom-built storage or cabinetry as part of garage upgrade
  • Studio apartment or granny flat.
  • Self-patterned accommodation or a separate entry kind of Airbnb.

Garage conversion to granny flat

Converting your garage space into a granny flat can provide space where aged family members can live in or for rental purposes. The possibility of having an extra kitchen, bedroom and bathroom is great because it leaves the family with a lot of options.

Most garage spaces are greatly limited in terms of space, which is why you need to think deeply on the design you propose to use for your granny flat. This is important if you want to maximize comfort. When fleshing out the layout and design of your garage conversions Brisbane to granny flat, it is important to consider other building and structural factors.

Factors to consider during a garage conversions Brisbane

  • Council approvals – Any need for council approval? That depends on how far you intend to take the renovation and the state and local council building requirements.
  • Converting back – Should you sell the house later, will there be any need to do a re-conversion of the garage, and how much will it cost?
  • Ceiling height – your ceiling is expected to meet the minimum height requirement.
  • Adequate windows – there is a great need for natural light.
  • Waterproofing – inspections are necessary to be sure the concrete is adequately waterproofed to prevent water from coming out via the floor.
  • Insulation – when you stand inside the garage during winter, most times it is colder than every other part of the house. That’s because it is not insulated.
  • Smoke alarms – when the conversion is meant for a sleeping area or bedroom, it might require a smoke alarm. (We advise you put one in place irrespective of whatever the room will be used for)
  • Additional plumbing – what’s the level of plumbing that will be required when adding a kitchen or bathroom.
  • Where will your car be kept? – Do you need to build a carport to keep your car safe?

Experienced building and renovating team

Although a garage conversion project may appear to be straightforward and easy, there are specific aspects that are more technical than you think. That is why you need to work with a renovating and building team that has a great wealth of experience.

At Acura Developments, we will be glad to help you with your garage conversions Brisbane needs by making it sure it gets council approval on time and is built within a reasonable time frame.

The garage conversion project process

  • Step 1 – Free consulting for first-timers.
  • Step 2 – Design, planning, and estimating
  • Step 3 – Quote
  • Step 4 – Price contract is fixed
  • Step 5 – Approval and certification from council
  • Step 6 – Meeting before the construction
  • Step 7 – Construction
  • Step 8 – Completion of project
  • Step 9 – Final handover meeting

What’s the cost of a garage conversion?

A lot of factors help to determine the cost of a garage conversion project. Some of those factors include garage size, available plumbing or electrical systems, current insulation, as well as chosen fittings. Your conversion target is another factor that will determine how much it will cost you. Converting to a granny flat will cost you more than a games room.

Our team is capable of providing you with an extensive garage conversion Brisbane quote that aligns with your home needs and expectations, so you can easily estimate the project cost.

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Even as Restriction are lifting Acura Developments are Managing the risks of exposure to COVID-19 for both our Client and our employees. We are stringently following all the advice and requirements outlined by Safe Work Australia Including but not limited to:

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This is not business as usual.

We are all going through unprecedented times with COVID-19 virus threatening our very way of life. We find ourselves temporarily separated from our families and communities. Acura Developments want you know that we remain at close hand, and we are ready to help and assist with any of your requirements.

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