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House Extension? Why Not a Garage Conversion

Thinking House Extension? Why not convert your garage.

The space in your garage; are you really making the most of it?  Converting your garage can be one of the most economical ideas when thinking of a house extension.  If you already have an existing garage that is not being used as parking, that’s a large area of space wasted that could be better utilised for many purposes.

As your garage already has the basic elements of a livable space, it’s quite easily to turn your empty garage into a separate living or work space, a study, or even earn some extra income by turning it into a bedroom or granny flat for rent. A great idea that Acura Developments can assist you with especially as the demand for rentals in the Brisbane area and its surrounds is at an all-time high.  Want to know more?  Read on for more great info on garage conversions.

Garage conversions. The basics

When thinking of adding a house extension, seeing a garage as simply an unfinished room will help you begin understanding the possibilities of your garage conversion. An unfinished room already has a floor slab, a roof and walls, the same as your garage does. To make it a habitable space though, you will need to add:

  • Your choice of Insulation
  • Internal wall cladding and ceiling
  • Flooring and Lighting
  • Sufficient Ventilation
  • Cooling and heating

To make this house extension more comfortable, your garage will likely need additional windows. You will also find changing the garage door to an actual entry door and filling in any space surrounding the new door with some paneling or even glass will be a very beneficial change both on a comfort and aesthetic level.  Painting the garage exterior and disguising the driveway by adding pavers and some pot plants will also help to improve the look and feel of your garage conversion house extension.

Garage Conversion House Extension Acura Developments

Is planning permission required?

You are converting non-habitable area to a habitable one, so yes-a building permit is required for a garage conversion type of house extension.  A building designer or architect can advise you regarding the suitability for conversion of your garage and any requirements before proceeding. These can include:

  • A minimum 2.4 metre ceiling height possibly involving structural changes
  • A perfectly level, termite resistant and waterproof slab must be in place if using particular floor coverings
  • Walls need to be insulated and waterproofed
  • Windows are required to equal at least 10% of the floor area size
  • Fire rated walls are required if the walls are less than 900mm from property boundaries. This can possibly limit the placement of doors and/or windows.

Check with your local council if it is a requirement for your home to have covered parking. If this is the case, unless a second garage is in place or a carport is added, converting your garage may not be a feasible option.

Popular Australian ideas for garage conversions

Before you start your garage conversion process, ensure you have a clear vision of how you want to use the area, as certain room types have particular requirements.

  • Rumpus rooms, bedrooms and offices will likely need additional electricity and power points. A licensed electrician is required for these changes.
  • A bathroom or kitchen house extension into your garage will also require plumbing installation by a licenced plumber.
  • A conversion to a granny flat needs to comply with any specific local council laws. A granny flat is a fully self-contained area making it different to just a bedroom. A such, plumbing and electricity for the bathroom and also cooking area will need to be installed by licenced tradesmen.

What is a garage conversion going to cost?

Converting your garage can cost anywhere from $10,000 – $40,000. Prices are dependent on what you include, but are still much less than building a house extension from scratch.  The inclusion of plumbing and electrical fixtures or roof modifications if needed, can significantly increase the cost of your conversion.

Other additional costs can be incurred if you also need to install drainage to ensure the floor cannot get wet. Also, if the interior height of your garage is not 2.4 metres, you may need it modified to be approved by council.

Garage Conversion House Extension Acura Developments

Can a garage conversion be DIY?

If you have the necessary skills and the time, an owner-builders licence can be applied for so some of the work can be done by yourself.  Any garage conversion can be end up a full-blown renovation, so you will still need the services of licensed tradesmen for some jobs.

To ensure your garage conversion or any house extension runs smoothly, the work should largely be undertaken by licensed building renovation specialists such as the team at Acura Developments. If you’re thinking of converting your garage into a granny flat, Acura Developments can ensure your conversion will adhere to any council regulations specific to granny flats.

Prices and costs stated are indicative only and are to be used as reference only. They are subject to different market forces and may vary in your area.

Contact Acura Development for all your Garage Conversions Brisbane and beyond.

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COVID-19 and Acura Developments commitment to managing risk.

Even as Restriction are lifting Acura Developments are Managing the risks of exposure to COVID-19 for both our Client and our employees. We are stringently following all the advice and requirements outlined by Safe Work Australia Including but not limited to:

  • Physical distancing
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You can download the Building and construction industry: Minimising the risk of exposure to COVID-19 h or visit this link Safe Work Australia. A Business resource kit can also be downloaded here: Business resource kit – COVID-19 .

This is not business as usual.

We are all going through unprecedented times with COVID-19 virus threatening our very way of life. We find ourselves temporarily separated from our families and communities. Acura Developments want you know that we remain at close hand, and we are ready to help and assist with any of your requirements.

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