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Fire Doors from Acura Developments

Top Rated Fire Doors from Acura Developments

Fire doors with an extensive range of high quality are very important to guarantee fire safety, save life and property in cases of fire outbreak. Acura Development specializes in designing and manufacturing door systems and solutions for industrial, commercial, and specific tasks.

Fire doors constitute an integral part of a building’s fire safety system and the entire safety of its occupants. Fire doors ensure that the spreading of fire and smoke to isolated areas (such as corridors and fire exits) where occupants could be easily trapped is quickly stopped. In the fewest possible words, fire doors guarantee the safety of lives.

Below are high-grade and custom size fire certified doors, designed and manufactured by us at Acura Developments:

Hinged Fireproof Doors-Commercial

At Acura Developments, we design and skillfully build fire doors suitable for industrial and commercial buildings. These fire doors are available in different forms, including hygiene doors, timber facing doors, steel facing doors, lead lining doors, and smoke doors. The hinged fireproof doors for heavy-duty industrial and commercial buildings are available in a single or a double frame (configuration), with maximum height and weight of 3500mm and 3000mm, respectively. It is also available for use in residential buildings (with the highest level of luxury you can think of) with top-level security and noise regulation.

Hinged Fireproof Doors – Residential

According to the Australian Building Code Board, residential buildings, hotels, and apartments must install exit and entry doors with fire ratings at one hour. Integrating this building code into the design of fire doors for high-end residential properties, our hinged fireproof doors are designed specifically for these high-end properties.

The lightweight door leaf (with its complete ‘essential ironmongery’) installed into the frame of the hinged fireproof door ensures great strength, security, privacy, durability, and performance in cases of fire outbreak for at least an hour.

Double-Acting Fire Doors

Double-acting fire doors are suitable in areas of buildings with high two-way traffic. The door leaf in this type of door differs from that in a hinged fireproof door. The top and sides of our double-acting fire doors are fitted with intumescent seals that help limit the spreading of fire and prevent any smoke from traveling from one place to another.

The double-action fire doors from Acura Developments have finished and nominal thickness of 45mm. These types of fire doors fitted with intumescent strips are readily available in double and single frames, with height and width of 2700mm and 2400mm, respectively, and a maximum fire rating of 2hours. We supply these fire doors with Bull Nose Edge Aluminium Metal System.

Sliding Fireproof Doors

The sliding fireproof door we produce is available in multiple, bi-parting, single, and a blend of bi-parting and multiple doors leave to ensure the right fireproof door is readily available for all fire situations. The use of these various configurations of our sliding fire doors with maximum width and height of 8000mm and 5500mm, respectively, enables single-story buildings and small facilities (like shopping malls, warehouses, schools, and public transport services, and manufacturing facilities) to benefit from effective fire management design and strategy called fire compartmentalization since they contain a lot of occupants in a building that might slow evacuation during a fire outbreak. Generally, this is achieved by using sliding fireproof doors to divide areas of the buildings into manageable risk sizes.

Our sliding fireproof doors, available in plywood or steel finish, have a fire rating of at most 4hours. These fire doors can be lined with lead and installed with lead lines frames for acoustic rendition and performance.

Upgrading Heritage Doors

Numerous Australian buildings of historical or cultural importance are preserved and protected by heritage orders. Maintaining the beauty of heritage buildings following new safety regulations causes several problems for builders and designers of fire doors.

Acura Developments have great expertise in installing approved and tested fire-resistant systems that comply with Australia’s building codes and fire resistance standards (AS1530.4) for an upgrade of heritage doors that are in existence. Our work ethics ensure that these heritage doors are not affected by any upgrade we perform.

Fire Door Finishes

There are different types of finishes for fire doors. They can be finished in Pre-Primed Tempered Hardboard, Medium Density Fireboard (MDF), or Plywood Veneer. It is necessary that the exterior or surface of each fire door is prepared, ready, and painted in line with the finishing procedures. For instance, every paint-grade veneered fire door would require sanding to get the final finish required. Acura Developments would not be held liable for any filing, painting, or finishing.

For MDF, it is advisable to apply a water-based acrylic sealer with a minimum of two coats of enamel gloss during painting. Sealer coats that are solvent-based are renowned for activating the wax content of the fire door surface resulting in dull patching on its surface.

Tempered Hardboard finishing requires pre-primed coating. Any edging of an unprocessed fire door (e.g. the external timber edging strips) will still also need pre-primed coating (before full and appropriate sealing/painting, to every edge and surface) to maintain compliance and integrity.

Regular Sales of Fire Doors

At Acura Developments, we have introduced a new initiative called ‘Project Registration’. This is to assist our esteemed customers with their main project requirements for fire safety as well as providing reliable customer service. The initiative aims to support our trusted customers with standard project rates and a constant supply of fire doors which is subject to an agreed time. We work with our customers to ensure the fire doors are manufactured on time and readily available to meet the project needs. The benefits of this initiative to you are:

  • Competitive rates
  • The readily available supply of fire doors to suit our customers’ project needs.

To us at Acura Developments, the benefits are:

  • Advanced insight of the project needs.
  • Economies of scale through the increase in production and reduction in manufacturing costs

Fire Doors For Special Applications and Purposes

Radiation Shielding Doors

Radiation shielded doors provide an important level of protection that keeps clients, staff, and the public safe and secured from radiation. The shielding process is integrated at the manufacturing and designing stages of the shielding doors and their accompanying door frames to prevent unsafe radiation that might penetrate through the doors.

Upgraded Heritage Doors

These are doors installed in heritage buildings that have gone through an upgrading process to meet BCA’s fire rating standards. This process might involve hardware upgrades, dismantling the door for proofing and hidden adjustments, or complete replacement of the doors.

Acoustic Fireproof Doors

We offer a complete range of fire doors to suit each level of acoustic performance. Each acoustic fire-resistant door manufactured by us has a maximum fire rating of 4hours and an Rw rating (Weighted Sound Reduction Index) of Rw41, which depends on the purpose, sealing process, and wall type. Consult our experts to ensure you are offered an acoustic door solution and design that suits your needs.

Where Do You Need Fire Doors?

Healthcare Facilities –Fire safety is an important aspect of a health care environment. The fire safety requirements as reflected in health care buildings (like aged care centers, veterinaries, dental clinics, and hospitals) and legislation are very delicate and demanding.

Mixed-Use Residential Areas-complex residential buildings require delicate and strict fire protection set up to guarantee all the residents’ safety. Fire doors specifically help to contain smoke and flame by preventing them from penetrating isolated areas like corridors and stairways in cases of fire outbreaks.

Hotels – In an environment with many sides and sections where different activities take place each night and day with a large human spread, the use of fire doors remains crucial for keeping every staff and patron safe in cases of fire outbreaks.

Education Facilities – Schools, universities, and colleges have a large population of people at all given times. Fire doors are essential for the safety of staff and students while ensuring that Australia’s BCA building standards are adhered to.

Industrial Buildings – industrial areas like factories that are very busy with hazardous activities and materials to human safety must ensure a proper and controlled flow of human traffic, materials, and equipment. Fire doors for industries are specifically designed and built for various heavy-duty industrial applications.

Commercial Buildings–Commercial buildings are often situated in densely populated regions, and hence there is essentially the need for fire doors to prevent the spread of fire between buildings.

Mining – Fire safety guidelines for mining activities in Australia’s mining industry follow a strict fire protection model. Mining facilities naturally warehouses hazardous activities, equipment, and materials.

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COVID-19 and Acura Developments commitment to managing risk.

Even as Restriction are lifting Acura Developments are Managing the risks of exposure to COVID-19 for both our Client and our employees. We are stringently following all the advice and requirements outlined by Safe Work Australia Including but not limited to:

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This is not business as usual.

We are all going through unprecedented times with COVID-19 virus threatening our very way of life. We find ourselves temporarily separated from our families and communities. Acura Developments want you know that we remain at close hand, and we are ready to help and assist with any of your requirements.

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