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6 Fence Ideas from the Fencing contractors Acura Developments

Top 6 Fence Ideas from Acura Developments Fencing contractors Brisbane

Like many additions to your property a new fence will add value to your property and is a great investment. Building a new fence with Acura Developments Fencing contractors Brisbane not only ensures you peace of mind it is guaranteed to add value and curb side appeal to your home, commercial property and even your farm.
As there are so many options when it comes to constructing a new fence we have put together some information on 6 of the most popular fence types being erected in Brisbane today. We hope this information help with you the decision making process and if you have any other questions feel free to contact us or call us at 0437 430 375

6 types of Fences Installed by Acura Developments the fencing contractors

We are writing about 6 of the most environmentally friendly fence types. Wrought Iron Fences, Wood Fences, Aluminum Fences, Vinyl Fences, Farm Fences and Commercial Fences all are either constructed  with biodegradable materials and are recycling friendly and some of these product are even made using recycled materials.

Wrought Iron Fences Brisbane

Wrought Iron Fences have been around for many years and there are some beautiful examples of these fences scattered around Brisbane, some dating back well over a 100 years . Over 90% of Wrought Iron Fences are made to order so you can customize your fence how ever you please.
Wrought Iron Fences are probably the most durable fence available today. They are sturdy and can withstand the harshest of treatment. Restoring even a 100 year old wrought iron fence is a simple task and only requires a little scraping and sanding along with a lick of paint and your done. The sky is the limit to design and style.
Unless well maintained can rust and paint can fall away over the years. Maintenance is simple and only require a wax or oil every year or so to help prevent rust. Washing the fence in order to keep dust, grime and even salt off the fence every couple of months will add years to the fences finish and of cause keep your fence looking like new.

Acura Developments Fencing contractors Brisbane

Timber Fences Brisbane

Timber fences are quick to install easy to maintain and can last many years. An overall popular and good choice.
Pine and cedar are commonly used and are a cost effective choice. Timber fences are great for privacy and are made from natural durable materials. Painting and varnish is an easy option.
Timber fences are heavy and will turn grey over time if not maintained with a good sealer.
Maintenance is a must if you want to keep your fence in new looking condition. You will find yourself having to use a Timber preservative water repellent sealer every year. If your fence is painted it will need to be scraped back and painted every couple of years.

Acura Developments Fencing contractors Brisbane

Aluminium Fences Brisbane

Choosing to go with an Aluminium fence will ensure that you have a virtually maintenance free fence.
Prefabricated panels available in many colours and styles.  Commonly being powder coated means an Aluminium fence never requires paining. Lightweight and durable. Aluminium Fences last for many years and can be recycled. Aluminium fences unfortunately can be dented  fairly easy and it is recommend to not work or play with any hard object and a close proximity of the fence.
Maintenance is super easy, simply wash with soapy water to remove dust and grime as often as required .

Acura Developments aluminium-fences

Vinyl Fences Brisbane

Vinyl fences look great and are very cost effective they are available in a multitude of colours and styles and never need to be painted or stained. Termites are of course not going to take up residents in the Vinyl Fence and dry rot and fungus are none existent.
A Vinyl Fence will usually cost more when comparing to a Timber Fence. Some Vinyl Fences can have issues with mildew though it is very easy to wash away. Vinyl Fences are durable and can be more difficult and costly to repair, though repairs are rarely required. Another great thing about Vinyl Fences is that they are virtually maintenance free

Acura Developments Vinyl Fences

Farm Fences Brisbane

Well-designed fences are essential on any property. Many different materials can be used including Creosote, Permapine, Barbed Wire, Plain Wire Electric, Crosslock / Gridlock and Wire Mesh
Crosslock/Gridlock are fabricated with small squares which makes it virtually impossible for small animals to escape while Wire Mesh is ideal for keeping larger animals like horses in. Wire Mesh has a V design and will not allow animals hooves to get through the fence. Barb wire has been a commonly used material for Farm fences in Australia for well over a century and is very effective for animals with thick hides, however Barbed Wire fences have a downside for animals determined to escape the fence as they can cause injury to the animal and are therefor not recommend for flighty or nervous animals such as horses. Electric wire fences are a great option for animals that are sensitive to barb wire and prone to injury. Electric fences are the best choice when keeping a mix of animals such as cows and horses in a single perimeter.

Acura Developments Farm Fences

Industrial & Commercial Fencing Brisbane

The most popular Industrial & Commercial Fences used in and around Brisbane are Chain Wire Fencing, Colorbond Fencing Spearhead Fencing and Security Fencing
Chain Wire fencing is  most commonly used on industrial and commercial properties. It is cost effective and very effective at securing boundaries of commercial, retails and council areas.
If you are after a modern durable and aesthetically pleasing perimeter fence then Colorbond Fencing has a lot to offer. Colorbond fencing is ideal for commercial properties, with many colours available and its strength and durability Colorbond fencing is a sound choice.
Security fencing are perfect for a variety of application included but not limited to Wildlife Areas, National Parks, Zoos, Mines, Industrial Areas, Warehouses and Schools.

Acura Developments Commercial Fencing

Most Fences need a Gate

Gates are functional and can ad great aesthetic to your fence and of course give access to your home or building. In 90% of cases a gate will cost more than the fence paneling. Apart from being functional, gates also add an extra layer of security and can be self closing and self locking

Gates can be made to match your fence type weather it is a Wrought Iron Fence, Timber Fence, Aluminum Fence, Vinyl Fence, Farm Fence or a Commercial Fence it is usually possible to match the design of your fence and property.  If you are looking at creating some curb side appeal then it is recommended to spend a little more on the design and construction of your fence. You can save a little money buy using cheaper material for your gates that are not facing the street and are out of site in general.

The cost of your gate can be largely determined by the size, for example if you require a gate large enough to drive your car through you will expect to pay a lot more.  Gates can also be automated which adds great functionality and value to your properly, though at a relatively high cost. There are so many options available it can be daunting trying to decide what gate is right for you. Be sure to call us to discuss your options after all we are the expert Fencing contractors Brisbane and beyond.

Repair / Maintenance

We must all remember that your fence is an investment, it adds appeal, security and function to your property. Being exposed to all kinds of abuse like the weather, maintenance is a must. Maintenance will ensure your fence and gates will look great and remain structurally sound for many years.

Why Choose Acura Developments

Acura Developments are the go to Fencing contractors Brisbane and beyond specializing in Wrought Iron Fences, Timber Fences, Aluminum Fences, Vinyl Fences, Farm Fences and Commercial Fencing. On top of these services we excel in Pergolas, Verandahs and Patios, home improvements, extensions, kitchen fitting and bathrooms as well as the associated services of plumbing, electrical and full decoration work.

Our team work closely with architects and designers, either engaged by us or which you may have already engaged. We are happy to follow your design or work with you on a design to fit your budget and taste.

We’d love to hear from you!

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The Experienced Fencing Contractors Brisbane and beyond

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