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Creating a Sustainable or Eco Friendly Home

Creating a Sustainable or Eco-Friendly Home

Are you racking your head on how you can make your house into an eco-friendly home?

Creating an eco-friendly or sustainable home from the ground is simpler than when you try to tweak an existing building, even though it’s possible to alter one or two elements.

First, we need to understand what it means for a home to be eco-friendly.

What is an eco-friendly or sustainable home?

A home is eco-friendly when it does not negatively impact the environment during and after the construction phases. There are many health and economic benefits associated with using an eco-friendly home. For starters, you won’t have to pay as much energy bills, and you would feel more comfortable when you stay in such homes.

Therefore, what is sustainability?

Sustainable architecture designs consider our contemporary lifestyle and how such lifestyles impact the environment; they employ mitigation measures to reduce any environmental impact. They comprise changes in our lifestyle and the use of new technologies that reduce our dependence and use of fossil fuels. Fossil fuels like gas, coal, and oil are responsible for producing greenhouse gases when they are burnt. Greenhouse gases make up a significant portion of the earth’s atmosphere, which includes carbon dioxide. Human activities like deforestation and gases from factories and vehicles increase the amount of carbon dioxide within the atmosphere. When greenhouse gases accumulate in the atmosphere, radiant heat is prevented from escaping the earth’s surface. This increase in the carbon dioxide levels is causing a corresponding rise in temperature worldwide, as other climate elements are equally affected in the process.

Eco-Friendly-Home-Banner Eco Freindly home with Solar Pannels from Acura Developmnets

Five steps to an eco-friendly home

An eco-friendly or sustainable home is first designed before it is built. However, it is also possible to modify or alter the design of an existing home to make it eco-friendly. Create an eco-friendly home with the five things outlined below:

  1. Go with building materials like timber that are recycled or sustainably sourced.
  2. Use the passive solar design principles when designing your house.
  3. Use rainwater tanks so you can reduce how much water you are using
  4. Your home should be adequately insulated
  5. Use heat pumps or solar technology pumps as they are more energy-efficient.

Benefits of a sustainable or eco-friendly home

Altering your lifestyle to a great extent and sticking with new technologies can help you achieve an sustainable home. The benefits of eco-friendly homes include the following:

  • It ensures a safer planet
  • Reduces the energy cost of running your home
  • Improves the home’s air quality
  • Reduced maintenance
Eco Freindly home with Solar Pannels from Acura Developmnets

Creating an eco-friendlier home through retrofitting

Do you want to make a sustainable home from your existing house? Well, thank goodness because you can achieve it. Just have a realistic goal.

Insulating your ceilings, walls, and floors is one of the practical and efficient changes you can always undertake for your home to be eco-friendly. You can also improve your existing insulation. The simplest upgrade among them all is the ceiling insulation, while the flooring is the next best upgrade option. Heat loss or gain can be reduced by between 50 and 80% with such upgrades.

To upgrade your windows is the second most significant project you can embark upon, particularly if your glazing is the simple type. Doubling and tripling your glazing has a way of improving your home’s insulation and making it a lot more peaceful. Installing the right windows can improve cross ventilation, which will eventually impact ambient temperatures.

Also, you can change your electrically powered water heaters to water heater units controlled by gas or solar. Changing to solar will help you cut down on your energy bills and ultimately help to reduce the amount of carbon you are emitting because hot water consumes a lot of energy.

Contact Acura Development and let us show you how to Create a Sustainable or Eco-Friendly Home.

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