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Decks and Patios and your Home Décor

Lifestyle – How to Build the Perfect Decks and Patios to Match your Personalized Home Décor?

Build high-end Decks and Patios with pro tips from Acura Developments. Show off your taste and style and give your home a stylish uplift.

Every house has some outdoor space that is not currently being used for any purpose. This extra open space can be utilized to build stylish decks and patios. They not only utilize this extra space perfectly but also give your home decor a completely new outlook. No matter how picky you are about your interior choices, you can easily match your deck and patio designs with your style. However, decks and patios are not built like the rooms in your house. They have to be built in a way that enables them to handle exposure to outdoor elements. Acura Developments is offering advice on things to consider while building your perfect decks and patios for your lifestyle. But before we get into that you must understand some outdoor decor lingo:


They are used to support the decking as structural timber and may run from house to beam or beam to beam.


They are relatively larger pieces of wood that are used to support the joists


It is a strong peer made of concrete that gives support to the deck posts.


The level of the ground is called grade.

To the four important points to know before building your perfect decks and patios:

  1. What is the right size for your deck?

To decide the size of your deck you must consider the purpose for which you will be using this deck. Help you decide what size will be perfect for your vision of the perfect deck. Bear in mind that all that need maintenance so if the death is too big, it will require more maintaining effort.

Mind the space under your deck too. Considering the elevation of your deck, the space underneath it can serve as a dedicated storage area. You can get professional advice to waterproof the space using special materials. Now it can serve as a shady area completely protected from rain.

Your preferred size of the deck will have some structural implications too. To build stable decks and patios, your contractor, engineer, or architect must correctly size the joists, beams, and pier footings. It will give the people on deck a feeling and meet all the requirements. When a deck is unstable, people on it feel unsafe if it is moving especially when they are higher from the ground.

Do consider that increasing the size of your deck will require more materials and labor. Every additional square meter will raise the cost of building your deck as it will require an additional row of footing. It would be ideal to discuss all the structural implications with your contractor so if they can suggest the right size and material quantities to build the perfect decks and patios for your family within your budget.

  1. How are you going to access the deck?

Perfect decks must have easy access, or they will be useless. Most homeowners prefer sliding doors that open up to their deck. If you are considering patio doors with outwards swing or to be left open, do consider some screen options before you make your commitment. You also have options for panel curtains that slide down in place using magnets or a rolling screen to bring them together.

You can connect your elevated deck with stairs to the yard below. However, you must consider that it will open up unwanted access to your second floor. Now you will need some security systems such as intruder alarms or lock sensors to ensure the security of your home.

  1. What is the right material for your deck?

While building your deck at grade or on the rooftop, consider whether you will need to accept that area below the deck in the future. If you choose to build a deck over the patio or the roof using a slight pitch, then leveling your deck will be much easier with adjustable deck supports. In the last decade, wood and plastic blended composite decking is the most preferred choice among the homeowners as it doesn’t require ceiling or periodic sanding making it a maintenance-free choice of deck. However, the deck will require scrubbing multiple times because of the mold and mildew forming on the deck due to the exposure to elements.

There are certain species of wood for a better choice for decking material as they hold up pretty well against harsh weather. Using these materials with natural resistance to weather exposure would be a durable choice especially when you choose pressure-treated decking which is treated with chemicals to make it highly resistant to weather extremes. In the past, arsenic was used for this purpose but not anymore. In case you prefer to use chemical-free materials for your decks and patios, pressure-treated decking materials are not the way to go. There are alternatives available, but deck structures use pressure-treated timber for their structure.

Although wood decking is highly resistant to weather, however some homeowners prefer to stain and seal their wood deck. It gives you the choice of color for your decks and patios and prolongs their life. The staining will require a once over within 3 to 5 years depending on the level of your deck’s exposure.

  1. What safety features does your deck need?

Your decks and patios require are railing unless you are building the deck at grade level. However, you will need to mind your measurements and limit the space between your horizontal slats or glass panels, and the banisters for safety reasons. This will also have to accommodate any building codes in your area. You have to find out the minimum requirement of height and railing width in your building code. The railings can be made of composite materials or wood that matches your deck. You also have choices for stainless steel cables, glass panels, and railings made of welded metal. You are partial to a composite railing for your composite deck, do inquire from your decking distributor if they are selling railing kits too. These kits make it incredibly easy to put together your attractive railings.

Regardless of your railing choices, ensure that it is properly connected to the structure below making it strong enough to hold several people on deck. The best practice for building strong decks and patios would be to use steel brackets bolting the railing posts to the beams and deck joists.

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