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Converting a carport to a garage-Cost Guide

Converting a carport to a garage-2021 Cost Guide

From our wide range of experience in renovations, new builds, and house extensions, Acura Developments in Brisbane and South East Queensland, provide a dynamic approach to any project, converting a carport to a garage can cost between $24,500 and $61,000 when you make use of a qualified carport builder. Labor alone can cost between $11,500 to 17,000, and the labor cost doubles for a double carport to garage conversion. Garages and carports primarily serve similar purpose-to park your vehicles where they shall be protected partially from the weather. The major difference between carports and garages is that a completely enclosed garage provides better protection and far higher security than a carport.

Suppose you have an existing carport but feel that a garage will provide a much better purpose. A more profitable and economical alternative will be converting a carport to a garage, rather than demolishing the carport and building a garage anew.

This article provides a guide on what you should know about converting a carport to a garage. It also provides answers to these common frequently asked questions:

  • Why turn a carport into a garage?
  • What is the cost of converting a carport to a garage?
  • What is the cost of cladding?
  • What is the step-by-step guide to converting a carport to a garage?
  • How to get a quote from a qualified carport builder?
  • Are there other alternatives to converting a carport to a garage?

Why Turn a Carport Into a Garage?

Carports are less expensive to construct than garages. There are no walls, although there are limitations. The idea of converting a carport to a garage can be due to the following common reasons:

  • Better weather protection from the sun, rain, snow, or ice.
  • Improved security for the vehicles parked, together with other contents in the garage.
  • Storage area for garden tools, sports equipment, bicycles, and other items
  • More semblance with your home and reconstruction
  • Increase in value of your property

While converting a carport to a garage is generally possible, it does not come at a cheap cost. You must consider if the benefits even out the value on investment.

What is the cost of converting a carport to a garage?

The process involved in turning a carport into a garage is normally about 21% less expensive when compared to constructing a garage. The cost of turning a carport into a garage could be between $24,500 and $61,000 when you seek the services of a qualified carport builder like Acura Developments. This cost includes all material and layout costs needed for the conversion of the carport to the garage as listed below:

  • Windows
  • Frame, as well as sliding doors
  • Electrical Installation
  • Garage door
  • Permits together with approvals
  • Entry door
  • Costs of disposal

The labor cost alone can amount to between $11,500 and $17,000. If your existing carport has roofing, doors, flooring, or posts in place, this cost could be reduced.

Keeping an open mind to the possibility or likelihood of converting a carport to a garage when making plans could save you money and time in the long run. If the carport is completely open and doesn’t have a slab (made of concrete) in place, converting the carport to a garage will be difficult, and the cost is likely to increase.

What is the cost of cladding?

In addition to the cost of a garage door, the expense made on your preferred type of cladding is the highest. If you prefer to install the cladding by yourself, a supplier can assist you in determining the total length of cladding required to erect a new garage.

Cladding options:

  • You may prefer a type of cladding material whose color suits your home. Choosing a color of Zincalume or Colorbond wall cladding that suits your home is a less expensive alternative. These cladding materials are available in various styles with a price range of about $13 to $20 per length (linear meter)
  • Weatherboard (featheredge) cladding is another cladding option, with an estimated cost of $10 per lineal meter. It comes along with primer applied already. Simply add the last coatings of paint, and that is all.

What is the step-by-step guide to converting a carport to a garage?

Although certain aspects of the job are best suitable for qualified carport builders, converting a carport to a garage by yourself could reduce your total cost of construction by about 50%. For instance, installation of a garage door and electrical wiring.

A section of your new and private garage (like the roofing and maybe one or two garage walls) is already built if there is an existing carport. Whatever the state of your carport, the following step-by-step guide will assist you in converting your carport to a garage in Brisbane, Australia.

Step 1: Check local guidelines

Building codes, in addition to council guidelines, are usually absolute or stricter when building a garage in comparison to a carport. Discuss with your area council or Acura Developments (in Brisbane, Australia) to know if converting a carport to a garage over your property is feasible. Know if there are restrictions, and apply for a permit before proceeding any further.

Step 2: Check the location

Evaluate the existing carport to know if it is okay to convert it to a garage. Do this with the help of a qualified carport builder (like Acura Developments) if possible. Assess the preparations that should be done right away, like laying a concrete slab, strengthening of supports, or better drainage system.

Step 3: Develop Plans

Constructing a garage is a complicated project when compared to a carport. It is recommended you seek the services of a professional for designing and building a garage. Developing plans for the garage starts with creating accurate structural plans to ensure your vehicle is comfortably accommodated. Access to the garage is convenient and constructed in compliance with council regulations.

Step 4: Lay a Foundation

The ground area where your carport is situated should be strong enough to support the garage’s weight. Lay a slab of concrete or another foundation and create a drainage system (if there was none).

Step 5: Build the garage walls

Your carport might have an existing wall(s); however, the whole garage structure must be enclosed to restrict access. Pre-cut or customized wall frames of your preferred material of standard sizes might be supplied.

Step 6: Add windows and doors

Garage doors exist in various sizes that fit into your garage and houses your vehicles conveniently. Installing a light garage door by yourself can be difficult sometimes. Therefore, we recommend that qualified personnel or a company handle garage door installations (especially motorized doors).

In addition to installing the garage door, you might also want to install a door that leads to your main home if the garage is attached to your home. It is recommended that should be installed for improved ventilation and visibility in daylight hours.

Step 7: Insulation and interior cladding

Insulation and interior cladding are optional; however, interior cladding provides a garage a nicer and professional look. Insulation helps to keep the garage indoor temperature low in the summer. A garage with doors shut and no insulation can be very hot. It is recommended you consider a roof insulation.

Step 8: Exterior Finishing

Your carport is now finally converted to a garage. Please enjoy it! You could also spend considerable time making your garage exterior resemble your home using cladding with other interior decorations.

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