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Where To Save And Splurge When Doing Bathroom Renovations

Where To Save And Splurge When Doing Bathroom Renovations

There are four places you can spend and also save on when embarking on bathroom renovations with the hope of getting the job done perfectly at an inexpensive price.

Bathrooms are designed to meet your privacy needs and serve as a space for one’s well-being. Properly designed bathrooms exude a level of serenity and calm, a place where we can clean ourselves physically and otherwise, or we can even make ourselves up for a stunning outing. While we may all like that serene, balanced and convenient spa-kind of oasis, an actual bathroom renovation may require some heavy tasks.

One disadvantage of bathroom renovations is that they can be costly. Although a reliable tradie might help you with quotes for the cost of labour, you might want to assist with material selection and design elements.

Knowing where you should splurge and where to save is significant when you want to remodel your bathroom on a reasonable budget. We discuss the four places you can save and the four places to splurge below.


Cabinets – Bathroom cabinets are usually subjected to a lot of opening and closing daily. With this amount of opening and closing and a wet environment, the cabinet can quickly go bad. That is why particle board is not recommended. Instead, use solid wood or high quality PVC for bathroom cabinets. Regarding vanity or cabinets, invest in high-quality materials that will stand the test of time.

Fixtures – it is essential to invest in the best spout, shower station, and faucet. These components are the most used ones inside the bathroom. Replacing or repairing them can be more expensive than you think. Having to invest in a well-known, high-quality brand will be beneficial to you if you intend to sell the property in the future. Buyers will not want to argue with you when they notice you have invested in all of these components.

Countertops – this item gives you the chance to impact your bathroom’s aesthetic nicely. Although laminated particleboard has become common because of how affordable it is, it doesn’t promise durability, and it can affect the value of your house when you are selling it. The experts at Acura Developments suggest that you go for stone, granite, or porcelain vanity bench tops because they are more attractive and are easier to clean.

Heated Flooring – heated floors are highly valuable and luxurious, particularly during the winter season. Stepping on a warm tile floor to brush your teeth, shave, or do your makeup can be one of the best feelings you can ever think of. Heated floors may be considered as unnecessary, but they remain a brilliant, esteemed luxury feature which will boost your home’s value whenever you plan to sell.

Acura Developments Bathroom Renovations


Tile – regardless of your intention to rent, sell, or stay in your house, you are expected to be frugal in the way you spend on tiles. No need splurging on tiles because you cannot tell the difference between the inexpensive and expensive ones. Anyone you end up buying will last the test of time. In terms of design, you can stick with the classic white design because it is readily available and also a safe style.

Lighting – although good lighting inside your bathroom is useful for applying makeup and shaving, it should not cost you a fortune. With the right professional help, you can get a decent lighting for a very reasonable price. Bathroom renovations are okay with modest lighting.

Toilet & Tub – you don’t really need to burn a hole in your pocket for your toilet. The objective of this component is to serve a particular purpose, and not to become the center piece of attraction. You only need a functioning tub & toilet, and efficient energy, and that will be all.

Flooring – you can discard the idea of heated floors for your bathroom renovations when your floor is tiled, and you are looking forward to save. Using tiles on your bathroom floor is a good way to save on your flooring.

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