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0437 430 375 Mon - Fri 09:00 - 5:00 Ferny Hills, Brisbane, Qld 4055
0437 430 375 Mon - Fri 09:00 - 5:00 Ferny Hills, Brisbane, Qld 4055
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Bathroom Renovations Brisbane

Bathroom Renovations Brisbane and South East QLD

Acura Developments are the professionals in Bathroom Renovations Brisbane and South East Queensland, the quality of our build and finishes ensures that our customers are happy beyond their expectations.

From the sink to the shower Acura knows how important the smallest detail may be and are with you throughout the entire process to make sure that we get it just right. We have a large quantity of experience with brand new bathrooms and working on existing ones as well.

We would love to work with you on your bathroom renovation designing, planning  and building. Make your Bathroom Renovation a breeze with Acura Developments.

What We Do for You

1. Removal of Old Bathroom Fittings and Fixtures

Assuming you’re partially or totally renovating your bathroom, this is where we start removing drywall and any fixtures you’re replacing.

We start by draining and removing the toilet to avoid any unpleasant spills.
Next, if you’re removing your bath, we cover up the tub and start removing the bath tile down to the studs. This is necessary in order to rework the plumbing to fit your new shower/bath design.
We remove the insulation from your walls where necessary. Finally,we remove cabinets, vanities, mirrors, floor tiles and any other features you plan to replace. When we removing tile flooring we remove the baseboards and reinstall them later.

2. Install Your New Shower or Tub Basin

After we have gutted your bathroom, we then install your new fixtures. For a shower or bath replacement, you’ll want to pick a pan or basin that fits your new decor, as well as the space where your current bath sits.

If there are any signs of rotting wood or water damage to your sub-floor, we will replace it before installing your new shower to prevent further damage.

3. Install New Fixtures and Features

With the shower out of the way, we now install your new vanity and cabinets. If the dimensions of your new vanities and cabinets are bigger or smaller than your current ones, we will make all the necessary adjustments to plumbing and wiring to ensure a perfect fit.
For the most part, that means moving the Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters and other power outlets so that they line up with your new vanity and cabinets.

4. Lay Down Your New Floor Tiles

A bathroom makeover is not complete without new floor tiles. We ensure no matter what tile you choose that is will be laid professionally and look stunning when completed.

5. Hang New Drywall and Start Painting

Now your bathroom renovation is starting to take shape. The next step is to hang your new plasterboard. We use cement board instead of plasterboard for the shower and bath areas. We will coat the cement board with a waterproofing membrane to guard against water damage.
Painting begins, we give you new bathroom a fresh new look. We always recommend using a semi-gloss finish that is resistant to mould and mildew.

6. Install Your New Vanity and Cabinets

After we taken care of the walls and finished installing any new lights, we install the vanity, cabinets and anything else that’s on your bathroom renovation list.

The first we install is the vanity, including the sink and faucet. Once we have the drain hooked up to the faucet, we move on to the other essentials such as the mirror, cabinets and the trim around the shower and bath.

7. Finish Hooking Up the Plumbing

At this point in the process, your bathroom is looking sensational, except for one thing: the toilet. we install your toilet last as it helps avoid chipping it while working on other areas of the bathroom.

Add the Finishing Touches

As a last finishing touch we install the trim around the room and mirrors. The trim is the coping stone for every bathroom renovation it provides the detail your bathroom needs to feel and look complete.

Welcome to your new Bathroom, time for a long hot bath.

Acura Developments Bathroom Renovations Brisbane
Acura Developments Bathroom Renovations Brisbane
Acura Developments Bathroom Renovations Brisbane

Why Choose Acura Developments

We specialise in Bathroom Renovations Brisbane and South East Queensland, Fire Doors and Hardware, Renovations and Extensions, Bathroom Renovations, Fencing, Verandahs, Decks and Patios, Solarspan Roofing, repairs and maintenance services as well as the associated services of plumbing, electrical and more.

Acura Developments pride ourselves on not only providing quality workmanship, but also being flexible and innovative when it comes to your next project.

For an obligation free discussion on your next exciting development get in touch with Acura today.

We’d love to hear from you!

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Bathroom Renovations Brisbane

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