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A Guide for Bathroom Lighting Ideas

An Advice Guide for Bathroom Lighting Ideas

The bathroom is a room where we mostly start and end our days.  It is beyond a room where cleaning is done. Using the appropriate bathroom lighting ideas and lighting can make your bathroom shine and twinkle at the click of a switch.

Lighting is a necessity in all bathrooms. It can spell out the difference between a well and poorly-designed bathroom irrespective of the bathroom’s size. Don’t ignore the significance of lighting when occupied with making choices for bathroom tiles, fittings, toilets, etc.

For guidance and inspiration, herein are six distinctive bathroom lighting ideas from Acura Developments (professionals in residential builds and commercial fit-outs) that perfectly fit you. These ideas will certainly give your bathroom a new appearance and sensation.

  1. Illuminate your bathroom from different angles

The assumption that single overhead light is sufficient for your bathroom is a wrong bathroom lighting idea and one of the greatest mistakes in bathroom design. While a single overhead light may brighten your bathroom, it doesn’t improve it, but only complements your bathroom’s ambiance.

  1. Integrate task and ambient lighting

Every relevant lighting idea adopted in the design of our home integrates form and function. This translates to taking into account task and ambient lighting in your bathroom lighting ideas. For instance, you are applying makeup or shaving under a single overhead light, shadow will be cast on the areas of your face where the overhead light doesn’t hit.

Task lighting offers increased lighting for specific purposes in a room that might have ambient light. When combined with ambient light around your bathroom, it helps you see small objects while complimenting the entire appearance of your bathroom.

  1. Utilize multiple switches to illuminate your bathroom

This appears easy; however, most useful bathroom lighting ideas are not complicated. Separate switches in your bathroom allow you to personalize your bathroom lighting spontaneously, particularly with dimmers installed. Suppose there is overhead and wall lighting on different lighting switches; your bathroom could be a comfortable place of relaxation; you can also switch on your task light when you are going to work or a night outing. You might prefer dim lights when you are in a bathtub relaxing, yet require a bright light following a morning shower. Lighting and dimmer switches placed tactically enable you to control the bathroom lighting appropriately for any situation easily.

  1. Utilize LED strip Light for a Trending Look

More exciting is a trendy outlook, be it a little flashy or aesthetic! LED lights are not only energy-saving and efficient but also amazing. To make up for LED lights’ abrasiveness and include an outstanding design feature, it should be used in concealed cabinet recesses and outdoor. An integration of both on different circuitry allows you to control the right proportion of light.

  1. Make use of Natural Light

It is charming and inspiring for your bathroom to have a trending and beautiful lighting design; however, there is no match for having your room flooded with natural light. Without compromising your privacy, it is recommended you open your window, if any. If it is not possible to open the window wide for natural light, use frosted blinds or glass or a skylight without compromising your privacy.

  1. Be Creative

Existing bathroom lighting features won’t do a lot for you to behold, but they can create a delightful view of your bathroom. A smart lighting feature can change your bathroom to the primary attraction in your home. Presently, it is cheaper to purchase and install little, colored and watertight lights. This is where we in Acura Developments pride ourselves on rendering superior bathroom lighting ideas and quality. Our clients can affirm our professionalism from inception to quality finishes.

Bathroom Lighting Ideas Xcura Developments

Guides to Selecting A bathroom Lighting

Before you choose bathroom lighting, consider the three questions below:

  • Which lighting style will complement my bathroom design?
  • Where in the bathroom is task lighting required?
  • How will I be able to enhance my bathroom appearance with lighting?

You might prefer to start with overhead lights in the bathroom. Will you install hollow lighting or a pendant or chandelier light? You might combine several lighting styles. The hollow lighting could brighten your bath and shower, while the chandelier or pendant light could be the room’s focus.

Wall lights can offer task lighting near the bathroom vanity and make a small bathroom appear charming. In the evening, dim lights drop shadows across the wall and transform a small-size bathroom into a space to relax comfortably.

Consider installing a hollow shelf with lighting if you desire to build a new or rebuild a small-size bathroom. The hollow shelf can be utilized for practicable purposes like the display of flower vases or sculptures.

Visit the Acura Developments website and explore our Bathroom Design Ideas online page to see numerous ways lighting has been applied to improve bathroom designs.

To what extent will Lighting be functional in your bathroom? What lighting combination is required?

Do not ignore the inclusion of natural lighting, but note that you will depend on electric lighting when the sunsets. Do you prefer walking into a bathroom with a single abrasive overhead lighting or making a choice between a task and a dim ambient light? The option is yours. However, setting up superior lighting could be the hallmark of your bathroom design if you are not perturbed by the cost of rebuilding or installing your small-size bathroom.

Contact Acura Development to discuss your bathroom lighting ideas

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