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6 Bathroom Design Ideas and Trends 2020

6 Bathroom Design Ideas and Trends 2020

From materials to product choices and new bathroom design ideas, 2020 has paved the way to become the trendsetting year for bathroom renovations

The hottest bathroom trends this year all share the same basic idea, providing a space that responds accurately to the needs of the people. In short, customization is king! So, how do dreams become realities in terms of material, colours, and product choices?

Check out our top six guide to the biggest current 2020 bathroom trends:

1. Combining privacy and an open feel

Ensuite bathrooms have long since been popular, but we are now seeing a movement towards more open designs with wider entrances. In terms of design, experts look to keep this open feel while also keeping the toilet out of vision from the entrance itself. In many cases, when dealing with a larger and more open space, people are opting to section the toilet off from the rest of the room with clouded glass or even a separate little room.

Open plan modern bathroom with hidden toilet Acura Developments Bathroom Design Ideas

2. Natural materials

Natural materials are in right now! We’re talking textured metallic, stone, timber, and more. The stone-look basins and baths from the Natural Stone Both Works range are particularly popular at the moment. Stone and marble finishes are also proving to be common choices with regards to bench tops this year.

Stone Baths Acura Developents Bathroom Design Ideas

3. Taps Taps Taps

Chrome and fixture taps will likely always be the go-to choices, no matter the year, however, we are seeing some changes in the market. Brushed nickel and gunmetal taps are now more popular than ever, with people clearly wanting to opt for something a little new and a little different. Not only are these choices subtle, but they also complement almost anything. Therefore, if you don’t think that your taps fit in, take a look at these options. In terms of texture, the Millie Pure range is proving popular as they come in a variety of texture choices, such as diamond finish, linear, and other options that provide more detail.

Bathroom Design Ideas TAPES Acura Developments

4. Clean lines

People are now opting for under counter and inset basins to provide a more seamless look, tapping into the clean line trend. These basins are extremely easy to clean and also give the normal vanity a fresh makeover.

Under counter and inset basins. Acura Developments

5. Shower

Let’s be honest, the shower is the most relaxing part of a bathroom. Standing under the warm water in the morning, well there’s nothing quite like it. Therefore, having the perfect shower space is so important when designing a bathroom. People are now opting to create a shower enclosure that is multi functional, including shower screens that open up the space of the bathroom, as well as fogged/textured glass. In terms of the shower experience itself, luxury is in at the moment. Thermostatic mixers are proving popular across Europe, allowing the user to set their own flow, temperature, and pressure.  Not only this, but this type of shower also maintains those settings efficiently even when others are using sources of water around the home.

Open Space Shower. Acura Developments Bathroom Design Ideas

6. Reflection space

Who doesn’t like a good mirror in the bathroom? It is one of the staple components of any morning/evening routine and comes in all shapes and sizes. Those proving popular at the moment include, circular mirrors, arched mirrors, and geometric mirrors. In terms of built-in lighting, LED mirrors are great at balancing light throughout the entire day. It is also worth noting that mirrors are far more readily available in the same finishes as the vanity/joinery bathroom fixtures, making it easier to maintain a theme/colour scheme throughout.

Modern bathroom mirror Acura Developments

So there we have 6 Bathroom Design Ideas to help stimulate your thoughts, for more Bathroom Design Ideas

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Taking Bathroom Design Ideas and making them reality

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