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5 Bathroom Renovation Ideas on a Budget

5 Bathroom Renovation Ideas on a Budget

Do you think your bathroom renovation is long overdue? Have you been held back from renovating your bathroom because you have a limited budget? Do you know that at Acura Developments we have mind-blowing bathroom renovation ideas on a budget?

Anytime you upgrade or renovate your bathroom, you indirectly increase the value of the property. The best part is that you can actually actualize the upgrades you want in your bathroom very little money. It is possible to have your bathroom transformed into a relaxing, cool, modern space without burning a hole in your pocket. That is why you need to consider these five bathroom renovation ideas on a budget.

Reduce the quantity of tile

Tiling is great for transforming your bathroom’s overall looks. To make sure your budget will be enough for the renovation, you may need to discard the idea of using tiles on all parts of the bathroom. Only put tiles on places like the floor. However, if you insist on having tiles on the walls, do a single horizontal strip along the wall, while the rest can be painted. Should you feel like using expensive tiles, you could use them alongside cheaper ones.

Cut cost on your countertops

Granite countertops is fast becoming a trend today. Bathroom counters are normally smaller, so it would not require too much money. Choosing inexpensive colors is one way to beat down the cost in this regard. You can equally spend less on granite countertops when you buy a slab that contains imperfections that people may not easily notice after installation.


Repainting your bathroom is another budget-friendly way to make it look good. Painting the ceiling, walls, tiles, and available wood paneling is a good idea. You can opt for this if you cannot afford replacing the entire thing. To ensure that no mildew and molds develop in the bathroom from humidity and moisture, use any of the high-quality paints that have satin finish.

Update fixtures

Updating your light fixtures, towel racks, sink faucets, as well as drawer pulls can go a long way in making your bathroom look stunning. For a little amount of money, you can get those done. As opposed to having your old shower or tub replaced, you can bring in a professional to reline it. That won’t cost you as much as when you are buying a new one.

Make caulk and grout

This is one important detail that is often overlooked by homeowners. Cleaning the grout and adding clean, straight lines of caulk around the sink and tub can make your bathroom sparkle more. Both grout & caulk are not that expensive, making this one of the practical bathroom renovation ideas on a budget you can always try out.

Do you seek professionals who are good at renovating bathrooms the modern way?

Reach out to Acura Developments, a leading name in the business of bathroom renovations in Brisbane. We are committed to providing affordable and quality bathroom solutions that can be constructed and designed in line with the personal needs and style of the customer.

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