Residential Building Services

Whether you want to build a new home, to renovate or remodel an existing home, Acura Developments residential building services will work with you to create something special.

Renovations and Extensions

Acura Developments are industry experts at Renovations and Extensions. We appreciate that your home or office is your personal space and appreciate that the quality of work that we provide needs to reflect this. Throughout the entire process of any renovation or extension we provide we make sure that we keep in constant contact and provide a open line of communication to get your renovation or extension just right.

Garage To Room Conversions

We are committed to providing fast garage to room conversions for residents and investors in Brisbane. When you have space that you are able to utilize we know how to use it to its full effect and would be happy to have an obligation free discussion on what we can do to convert your garage into a room that has full functionality.

Repairs and Maintenance

Acura Developments provides professional building repairs and maintenance services. We specialise in quality workmanship including minor domestic work to large strata and Commercial work and all insurance works. We can repair your residential or commercial building in the event of human error or natural disasters.


Acura Developments takes great pride in making sure that your next new or renovated Bathroom project not only goes according to plan but leaves you loving your Bathroom. We have had a large amount of experience working with existing or building new Bathrooms. Although Bathrooms can be a daunting task, Acura knows how to get any project just how you want it – especially Bathrooms.


Acura Developments takes fencing seriously, we care about getting your fence looking just the way you like it. Whether you want a new fence built or If you have an existing fence already in place that you would like to renovate or extend, Acura has the skill and ability to make it happen for you to a high standard of workmanship.

Verandahs, Decks and Patios

At Acura Developments we know a thing or two about building Verandahs, Decks and Patios. With a vast amount of experience building and extending all types of structures. We love the concept of building your deck just the way you like it.

Yard Services and Yard Maintenance

At Acura we are not just specialists indoor, every good home has a solid inside and out. The outside of your home will not go overlooked when you are planning your next project with us. Let’s make sure that your next outdoor project is professional and functional.