Garage To Room Conversions

We are committed to providing fast garage to room conversions for residents and investors in Brisbane.

Our expertise in garage conversions and our commitment to the industry means you benefit. As Brisbane’s only dedicated garage to room conversion builders, we are focused on the needs of local residents when it comes to understanding the approval, design and construction of their garage, room or granny flat conversion.

We are dedicated to helping people create additional accommodation for their growing families.

The conversion of your existing garage or shed into a new Granny Flat, Studio, Bedroom or Living Space, or living room is easier than ever!

We invite you to call us and to discover how we can turn your garage into that extra living space or extra storage area.

With a good design and a proper Garage Conversion, you can turn your Garage into the multi purpose room that it was built to be. A place to safely store all your past, present and future belongings, but gives you an organised space for all your Home Storage needs.

You can use the extra garage space as a kids play area when it’s raining or a rumpus room, for a gym area, party room, dance area, games room, office area, wood working area, yoga room or painting room.

Garage to Room Conversion Ideas

  • Storage
  • Bedroom
  • Rumpus Room
  • Granny Flat
  • Office Area
  • Guest House Area

Why Choose Our Garage To Room Conversions Service?

  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • All of our products carry warranties
  • We also guarantee our workmanship on installations
  • If the job is not right or you have problems – you do not pay.
  • Have us quote your garage to room conversions solution and be 100% satisfied, guaranteed!